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SmartBackup User Guides

  With SmartBackup installed, your organization and your Smartsheet users can rest assured that their Smartsheet data is secured! Then, when things go wrong, it is good to know that there is a way to recover lost or deleted data, or to revert back to earlier versions of the data. But as an end user, how do you do that? If some of my rows get deleted, how do I recover that information? If a formula gets changed by mistake, how do I go back to an earlier version of the formula? And worse - what if a formula gets deleted? These are all excellent questions, and there are many more similar scenarios, such as reverting to an earlier version of a Form, or a drop down list, for example. Well, thank goodness for SmartBackup ! With SmartBackup running in your organization it is quite easy to restore deleted rows, or revert to an earlier version of a formula or a form, and revert to earlier versions of your data. At AcuWorkflow , we are excited to announce that we have created a collection of Use