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Fresh new website update!

  After a year, we decide to do a refresh of our website and move it to a new platform at the same time. The updated site has a nice new fresh look, is responsive and works really well across all platforms, and is easy to navigate. As part of the update we also needed to find a new place for our blogs and decided to leverage the Blogger platform from Google. Hope it will work well for all! SmartBackup R4 Update This new website update coincides with the release of our latest version of SmartBackup for Smartsheet. This new version includes several key updates to the Console interface, including new guidance that is provided on each screen, which provides overviews of each function and feature, as well as a new "Automation" section in the settings menu. The new Automation feature aims to make it easier to define recurring scheduled backups, archives, and exports, without having to open the Task Scheduler application. We have also introduced several enhancements to the Settings

Major SmartBackup Update!

We are super excited to announce the latest version of SmartBackup for Smartsheet! This version includes two groundbreaking innovations that benefit both Business Edition users and Enterprise Edition users and which further distinguish SmartBackup from other Smartsheet backup solutions in the market. The first groundbreaking innovation is the new enhancements to the Export function. Previously the Export function required the user to specify each sheet to be exported in a list. Now users have the option to Export All sheets, or only sheets that have recently changed, or to Export only specified Sheets and Reports. Users also have the option to Export only the folder structure. This new feature allows for companies to create a full Export backup of All sheets more easily for backup, disaster recovery, audit, governance, and snapshot purposes, while the Incremental Export mode provides a more efficient way to Export only those sheets that have recently changed. SmartBackup Users and Admi

Don’t be caught with your pants down

  As a Smartsheet user, you may think that your data is always protected, and if something should ever go wrong, that there will be a backup copy somewhere… But you would be wrong! And you could be caught with you pants down one day, if some critical data were deleted by accident, or good information was overwritten with bad data by mistake! If you had the foresight to setup standard weekly backups in Smartsheet, you may be in better shape, as you could restore some of your data, although it may be old, so you may lose up to a weeks’ worth of data – but at the same time you would lose a lot of meta data including cell links, attachments, formulas, formatting, conversations, etc. So, it is always better to have a robust data and content backup strategy and a fully functional tool to help you implement that strategy – and that’s where SmartBackup for Smartsheet can help! Let’s take a look at the various options you have available to you as a Smartsheet Licensed user. Option 1: Do nothing