Major SmartBackup Update!

We are super excited to announce the latest version of SmartBackup for Smartsheet!

This version includes two groundbreaking innovations that benefit both Business Edition users and Enterprise Edition users and which further distinguish SmartBackup from other Smartsheet backup solutions in the market.

The first groundbreaking innovation is the new enhancements to the Export function.

Previously the Export function required the user to specify each sheet to be exported in a list. Now users have the option to Export All sheets, or only sheets that have recently changed, or to Export only specified Sheets and Reports.

Users also have the option to Export only the folder structure. This new feature allows for companies to create a full Export backup of All sheets more easily for backup, disaster recovery, audit, governance, and snapshot purposes, while the Incremental Export mode provides a more efficient way to Export only those sheets that have recently changed.

SmartBackup Users and Admins can now also set a soft limit on the number of Attachments that are included with each Sheet export. This will help improve performance and reduce duplication.

The second groundbreaking innovation is the new “Member Mode” for the Enterprise Edition. With this new Member mode, Smartsheet Admins can install SmartBackup on a central computer, and automatically discover All Smartsheet Users in the organization, and All sheets for all users in the organization.

Not only that, but SmartBackup can then also automatically provision the SmartBackup “Vault” workspaces for each Smartsheet user – without user intervention.

Then, the SmartBackup Admin can schedule and run Backups, Archives, and Exports for All Smartsheet users in the organization!

When these two new capabilities are combined, SmartBackup Admins now can auto-provision SmartBackup for the entire organization, and automatically Backup and Export all sheets for the entire organization – this is a huge breakthrough!

“Member” mode includes a new capability called “queuing”, which allows the SmartBackup Admin to define multiple queues. These queues can then run in parallel, which increases the overall throughput and reduces the overall elapsed time to complete an Export run.

The member list generated in Member mode can be edited by the SmartBackup Admin, and individual users can be Enabled or Disabled as needed. The Admin can also set soft limits on the maximum number of attachments to be exported for each sheet, or can also choose to Export sheets without exporting attachments, if needed.

Together with these innovations, we are also announcing updates to our licensing model, to provide a wider range of options for customers. In addition to the free “Starter Edition”, which will continue as before, we now offer two versions of the “Business Edition” and three versions of the “Enterprise Edition”.

  • Business Personal: is designed for single-user deployment.

  • Business Team: is designed for deployment for a group of up to 5 users, and can be installed on a single computer or on multiple computers, providing a centralized way to Backup, Archive, and Export.

  • Enterprise Workgroup: is designed to be used for up to 25 users, and can be deployed on a central computer, or across multiple instances, and can be installed and managed by a single “Admin” user. It supports “Member” mode and can automatically identify all users in the organization, and auto-provision “vault” workspaces.

  • Enterprise Division: is designed for deployment for up to 75 users. Like the Workgroup option, it too can operate in “Member” mode, with all the same capabilities. In addition, it supports multi-group deployment models.

  • Enterprise Company: is designed to be used in organizations with up to 250 users. It includes all the features and capabilities of the Division option and can support “swarm” deployment models.

Find out more about all these latest innovations and features on our website at or contact us at


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