SmartBackup for Smartsheet Platform Advisory


March 17, 2023.

After extensive investigation, research, testing, and analysis, together with the Smartsheet Product Team, we have recently discovered that some Smartsheet customers are using the Upload File Attachments feature in Smartsheet extensively. 

While this is permissible, it is important to know that there may be consequences, and this scenario could mean that it will not be possible to create a full backup, or a full export copy of your Smartsheet environment. For more details, please review the Smartsheet File Attachments Storage Guide.

In the case of some SmartBackup customers who are using the Upload File Attachment feature extensively, we have encountered intermittent timeout errors, and overly long backup durations, which render the backup and export processes ineffective. Note that this is not a shortcoming of the SmartBackup solution or the Smartsheet platform, but more of an issue with the way that the Smartsheet platform has been used.

For SmartBackup, we do have several configuration options that can be leveraged by Smartsheet customers who may be in this situation, and we also now have an analysis tool that can be used to provide those customers with detailed visibility into their Smartsheet deployment. That data can then be used to help with formulating a workable backup and export solution. If you suspect that you may fall into this category, please contact us to discuss details.


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