Fresh new website update!


After a year, we decide to do a refresh of our website and move it to a new platform at the same time.

The updated site has a nice new fresh look, is responsive and works really well across all platforms, and is easy to navigate.

As part of the update we also needed to find a new place for our blogs and decided to leverage the Blogger platform from Google. Hope it will work well for all!

SmartBackup R4 Update

This new website update coincides with the release of our latest version of SmartBackup for Smartsheet. This new version includes several key updates to the Console interface, including new guidance that is provided on each screen, which provides overviews of each function and feature, as well as a new "Automation" section in the settings menu.

The new Automation feature aims to make it easier to define recurring scheduled backups, archives, and exports, without having to open the Task Scheduler application.

We have also introduced several enhancements to the Settings screen to help improve the configuration of the application.

And there's more!

We have been working on the licensing model and now have a more granular tiered model for the Enterprise Editions. If you have 10 or more Smartsheet licensed users, you should really ensure that you have a robust backup solution in place. If this  is you, feel free to contact us for more details.


  • There are various reasons for having backups. In climbing, a backup can save your life, but with data, a backup can save your business!
  • Many people assume that if it’s in the cloud, it’s protected. But for most SaaS apps like Smartsheet, there is a shared responsibility for keeping your data safe.
Contact us for more details about backing up your Smartsheet content, and visit our newly updated website for details, videos, and to download a free copy of our Starter Edition.


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